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Agriculture in Sindh

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Agriculture is the main profession of the people of Sindh. The prosperity of the hole province depends on agriculture. Agriculture is the the back-bone of our economy.

Agriculture products :
Our farmers are playing a very important role in our daily life. But they are getting low production. The main reason for low production in our agriculture is the use of old and traditional methods of cultivation by our farmers. They do not use good quality seeds and fertilizers, where as our government has made a good help by making industries such as Angro, FJFC (Fauji Jordan Fertilizers Company)....etc. They even not use pesticides properly to protect their crops.

Our farmers have not started using new methods of agriculture to increase their production. By using new techniques we can produce large quantities of food-gains and farm products per acre. The land of our province is very fertile. If we use modern techniques regularly in our agriculture, we shall certainly produce much more than our needs. In order to get good crops, we need sufficient water, good quality seeds fertilizers and modern agricultural implements.

Agriculture Department :
Our government has established Agriculture Department for the development of agriculture. Some very important agricultural institutions are functioning in Tando Jam, (District Hyderabad) for this purpose. There is a very big Agriculture college at Tando Jam. It provides facilities for practical training. Atomic Energy Agriculture Research Center is also established at Tando Jam. The farmers are helped by the use of atomic energy in agriculture and also to increase their farm production. Plant Protection Department is situated at Karachi. The responsibility of this department is to protect crops from germs and pests.

Land And Water :
There is no scarcity of land in our province. Most of the land in Sindh is left barren because of non-availability of sufficient water. There are several ways to get water for irrigation.


  1. The first natural source of water is rain, but unfortunately it rains so little in Sindh that we cannot cultivate our lands by the help of rainy water alone.

  2. The second source of water is tube-well. The electronic energy is used to draw water from the wells. This method is not very successful in Sindh because the water in most of the well is saltiest, which is not suitable for irrigation purpose. The rest areas where water is cleared, is being used for agriculture.

  3. The third source of water is canal. We have dug many canals starting from the banks of river Indus to irrigate our lands.



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