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Minerals Found in Sindh

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Nature has hidden for us precious wealth of minerals under the surface of land. Men discover these minerals after great labour and utilize them for their own benefit. Sindh is very rich in minerals. The following minerals have been discovered so far in this province.

Coal :
There are huge reserves of coal at Meting and Jhumpir in Thatta District. It is estimated that there are about 25 Million metric tons of coal deposits in these reserves. At present we are getting twenty thousand metric tons of coal annually from these mines. A very big coal mine has recently been discovered at Lakhra in Dadu District where a reserve of about 100 million metric tons of coal has been estimated. A new coal field has also been discovered in Tharparkar. This mine has a large deposit of coal.

Salt :
We get salt from Saran Lake in Taluka Deeplo District Tharparkar. It is the biggest salt lake in Sindh. Another big salt lake is located in Taluka Khipro district Sanghara. Its name is Dhalyar Lake. We get about two hindered thousand metric tons of salt annually from the sea water at Mauripur and Dhabeji, near Karachi.

Limestone :
A large quantity of limestone is available in almost all the mountains of Sindh. It is used for manufacturing mortar (choona) and cement. We also make bleach powder and castic soda from limestone.

Alum (Phitkadi) :
In our province alum is found in Kheerthar Ranges. Water is filtered with the help of alum. It has also many medical uses.

Gypsum :
It is a very valuable stone. It is found in most of the mountains of our Province. It is used for manufacturing cement, chemical, fertilizers, plaster of paris and paper.

Silica Sand :
Salika Sand is used in manufacturing glass. Our Province has big reserves of this sand.

Sodium Compound :
It is found in the lakes of Khairpur and the Valley of Eastern Nara. It is used in manufacturing soap and tanning hides and skins.


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